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The security and stability of information system

You know that the stability and security of your information system is essential to ensure the smooth development of your SME. But how do you make the right choice for the multitude of IT service providers and digital service companies? Here are some tips that can guide your choice. In order to know more about HighTech Solutions, you can always check the internet.

Find out about the experience of the IT service provider

An IT company with long experience has encountered many problematic customers in different business sectors. It should therefore be better able to offer the most appropriate solutions and to evolve over time. Long experience in maintaining information systems in operational conditions is always reassuring. Of course, this does not guarantee 100% success. This just increases your chances of making the right choice.

Find out about the financial health of the company

Your IT provider will be responsible for the quality, stability and security of your IS. You therefore envisage a longterm and generally lasting collaboration. Do not hesitate to consult sites like which give good indicators on the financial health of the provider consulted. This will save you unnecessary risk taking. For example, you can look at the balance sheet of the last three years, license, and insurance certificates.

Find out about the customer references of the IT service provider

You take references when you hire do the same with your IT provider. Experience in the same industry as yours can reassure you. Your provider will already know your business obligations, interventions and advice will be more suitable. You can also survey your entourage and your professional network.

Check the certifications of the company

The technologies that you and your employees use on a daily basis are constantly evolving … Is your provider trained in these tools? Do the technicians who answer your requests for assistance have the “expert” qualities that you are looking for in your future IT partner? Does the company have specific certifications for certain technologies? Etc.

Meet the leaders

Take the time to get to know the leaders and teams of the chosen digital service company. We are constantly talking about digitalization of companies but the human factor is not to be neglected. Two partner companies that share common values ​​will have many more opportunities to work together.

Evaluate methodology and customer support

Feel free to participate in the drafting of the specifications of the services of your computer support. Make sure that its commitments in terms of reactivity to technical incidents are compatible with your business obligations. Find out about the tools used to justify his interventions. The traceability of its activities on your computer park must be completely transparent.